Tza, our esteemed former colleague and director of such Medlo projects as Spacestation and AOD, has co-created this excellent Safe Sex 8-Bit Viral for the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership. We’re not the only ones who are impressed – the Guardian seem to like it too.


Just a quick link – some of our work for Chatroom has now started making its way online, and Empire magazine has an exclusive look at the featurette we made about William –  AKA Aaron Johnson.

Empire Exclusive

A few months ago we stepped out entirely from our comfort zone and produced the video for Candy Rock’s debut single ‘Candy Shop’ amid a torrent of champagne, beautiful girls and costume changes in a dilapidated former music superstore somewhere in the heart of London.

And here it is. Medlo go girl-pop.

The Yes Men


A couple of months ago Medlo chipped in some donated time and shot a meeting of creative minds for The Yes Men – corporate pranksters and scourge of unethical businesses everywhere. They were planning a Bhopal drinking water event so we scuttled over to Soho where the advertising team were readying their designs and captured them in full creative flow.

That footage has now been edited (not by us, we should stress) and posted online. So here it is…

If you haven’t already seen their new movie – The Yes Men Fix the World – then we heartily encourage you to do so. It’s achingly funny and desperately relevant. Go watch!

This is from Dza…

My brother and I will be playing some new remixes at ‘La Boutique Electronique on 25th July.

We’ll be mixing up some of our latest video remix material. Stuff like dis:

Tickets are very limited…..hopefully see you there.

Here is some blurb:
ditto presents La Boutique Electronique

A Two-Ring Circus of Film, Fun & Electro
July 25th, Sosho, Shoreditch, 9pm – 3am
With a fantastic line-up of the best in electronic and dance music, film and art.

‘Yuki’ will be performing ‘Live’ at the Latitude festival in Suffolk on the 19th July and will continue her journey to LBE in London on the 25th July along with 2bit, Mike Bryant & Jon Fugler (former Fluke), please see the website for full details?

Tickets are £10 via PayPal and are available from

Demand for the show is huge, so book early to avoid disappointment.

So… as everyone in the world now knows; the king of pop is dead. Long live the memory of Michael Jackson! No one will ever replace him.

The loss of the worlds greatest popstar is doubly painful for us as we were in the process of beginning a documentary on his London shows, having been granted access by AEG – the company who’d previously hired Dza and Phil to cover the Prince shows last year.

Footage of his press launch had already been filmed and we were just about to begin full time work on it when news of his death broke; equipment had been bought, subjects confirmed, contracts signed and I was even moving to London for the duration of his residency.

Now, of course, none of this will ever come to pass. We had grandiose plans to cut a feature out of our material and, whether or not that would ever have been seen, it would have provided a terrific calling card for Medlo and enabled us to work on bigger and better projects.

No doubt it would have won us 4 Oscars and we’d be millionaires by now.

It’s still hard to come to terms with the loss – of a man, of a legend and of an opportunity that will never – ever – come to pass again. We spent much of the week following his death in shock, just blinking into the midday sun and uttering half finished sentences that amounted to the same statement – “I can’t believe he died.”

Our thoughts are with his family, and his fans. And with ourselves too.





Medlo have created and contributed a brand new exclusive video mash-up to Ditto, a sparkling and fresh arts event in the London Roundhouse, and will be screening it live for the first (and only) time on Saturday 16th May.

Ditto is a one-off performance of music, film, visual art and dance from some of the country’s most talented creatives, and will be broadcast live across the net as well as being a physical and actual event that is real and totally attendable.

Head to for all the information you’ll ever need, and click here for the e-flyer.